Exhibition and Poster Display Concept Note


Exhibitions are animportant part of the publication activities of the 5thGlobal Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Ministerial Meeting on 5-8 November 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. They serve as influential platforms for the GHSA member countries to come together, share information and build long-lasting collaboration and understanding. Due to the scope, multi-stakeholder, and multi-sectoral presence at the 5th GHSA Ministerial meeting, exhibitions are expected toshare important information and lessons learned as well as generateconstructive discussion and progressin the areas of health systems, environmental aspects, workforce development, and other health security issues.

The exhibition is divided into two sections focusing on the Prevent, Detect, and Respond under theGHSA Framework presenting through both photographic stories as well as poster presentations.



Poster Presentation

The committee of the 5thGHSA Ministerial Meeting is pleased to invite GHSA member countries to exhibit a poster on the theme of “Advancing Global Partnerships: The Essential Role of ‘name of the country’ in PREVENT, DETECT, and RESPOND ActivitiesTowardsa Safer and Healthier World“. The opportunity to display a poster presents a great opportunity for all GHSA member countries to showcase successful programs, valuable experiences and lessons learned as well asprovides a medium to share research and innovative interventions in the effort of advancing GHSA achievements.


      a. Provide a medium for sharing ideas and exchanging experiences related to GHSA activities;
      b. Showcase success stories and lessons learned from GHSA implementation programs, through specific action packages;
      c. Enhance international and multisector cooperation and partnership towards GHSA achievements.
      d. Provide policy recommendationsformore effectiveimplementation and toadvance GHSA Partnerships.

Poster Stage

The posters will be showcased during the 5thGHSA Ministerial Meeting, 5-7 November 2018 in the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center 2 main hall. Due to limited space, only the first 30 submitted posters that meet the requirements will be displayed (the Organizing Committee togive final confirmation and selection). Once the poster/s is/are accepted, you will be given an opportunity to deliver a short presentation and the audience is welcome to ask questions (please find the agenda below).

The deadline for submission is Thursday, 25 October 2018.

Scope of Materials



  1. Prevent the emergence and spread of antimicrobial drug resistant organisms and emerging zoonotic diseases, and strengthen international regulatory.
  2. Promote national biosafety and biosecurity systems.
  3. Reduce the number and magnitude of infectious disease outbreaks.




  1. Launch, strengthen and link global networks for real-time bio-surveillance.
  2. Strengthen the global norm of rapid, transparent reporting and sample sharing.
  3. Develop and deploy novel diagnostics and strengthen laboratory networking systems.
  4. Train and deploy an effective bio-surveillance workforce.




  1. Develop an interconnected global network of Emergency Operations Centers and multi-sectoral response to biological incidents.
  2. Improve global access to medical and non-medical countermeasures during health emergencies.


General Requirements


  1. GHSA country members are given priority for the Photographic Stories/Poster display;
  2. A maximum of 3photographic stories/posters can be submitted by each country. Please indicate a priority to the submission, as the display depends on the space availability.
  3. Other countries and institutions wishing to present the photographic stories/posters are welcome, subject to available space.


Guideline for Poster Layout


  1. The photographic stories/Posters should be in portrait style. The poster board surface is 100 cm widthand 250 cm height. The posters will be submitted in PDF and printed by the organizing committee on A0 paper size (84.1cm width and 118.9cm height).
  2. Poster should have a clear message, a logical layout and easy to comprehend in a couple of minutes.
  3. Design the individual sections of your poster so that it is readable – please avoid large blocks of text and long sentences.
  4. Type and font size should be able to read at a distance of 1.5 meters (five feet). The smallest font size should at least be 18 pts for text and 36 pts for headings. Please try to keep your word count as low as possible.
  5. Supporting images (graphs, tables, illustrations, photographs, etc.) can be very helpful and are often necessary to display results. Make sure that the images are easy to understand and not overloaded with information.
  6. Make sure there is enough contrast between the color of the type and the poster’s background.
  7. You may give your contact in case people want to reach you to further discuss about your poster(s). If you are making your poster or other materials available online, be sure to include the web address on your poster.


It is not possible to use a computer as part of your display. The Committee is not able to arrange for any additional equipment in the Poster Exhibition area, such as DVD players, projectors, table or power outlets.

Submission Requirements


  1. Please set the dimensions of your poster to 84.1cm width &118.9cm height in portrait orientation.
  2. Posters must be submitted as a single page PDF document in a maximum of 10MB.
  3. Please submit your posters to secretariat@5thghsa2018.org with Subject “Country Name/Institution – Poster Submission” (if you wish to submit more than one poster, please notify your priority on the body email).
  4. The Committee will print and set up your physical posters that meet the requirements.
  5. Please use the designed template to create your poster. Please download here, and use Adobe Acrobat to input your content


Panel Layout

The venue will be on the left side of Pecatu Hall of Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center 2 and displayed together with Photographic Stories Exhibition. There will be 30 expected posters displayed*. Poster display will be equipped with black cover panel, poster spotlight, and mini garden for better aesthetics.

*In case the number of the posters are less, the Smithsonian Photographic Storieswill be used.

Program Rundown (Poster and Photo Exhibition)*


4 November 2018Poster installation by the Committee
5 November 2018
15.30-16.30 WITAMedia Briefing
16.30-16.45 WITASpeech by Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (represents EPT-2 Partners)
16.45-17.00 WITASpeech by Ministry of Health
17.00-17.10 WITARibbon Cutting by the Ministries and partners
17.10-17.40 WITAModerated walk for Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultureexhibition
17.40-17.50 WITAClosing and preparation for dinner
6 November 2018
10.45-11.00 WITAPoster presentation Country 1-2
16.00-16.30 WITAPoster presentation Country 3-7
16.30-17.00 WITAPoster presentation Country 8-12
17.00-17.30 WITAPoster presentation Country 13-17
7 November 2018
10.30-11.00 WITAPoster presentation Country 18-22
16.00-16.15 WITAPoster presentation Country 23-24
16.30-17.15 WITAPoster presentation Country 24-30

*Program and Presentation schedule to be confirmed